Multi-function data acquisition instrument

QSY500Z Multi-function data acquisition instrument

QSY500 is the fifth-generation smart and multi-function data acquisition system specially developed for geological monitoring in various geotechnical engineering. Apply to online monitoring of slope, subgrade, bridge, tunnel, dam, and foundation pit.


More powerful on Real-time data management: Embedded LINUX operating system ;

More stronger Data transmission compatibility: Support all mainstream communication network;

More convenient to export data: LAN remote awakening and data download function;

Further online networking distance: LORI wireless network, further network distance, easier data transmission;

More stronger durability: Highlight OLED display module, industrial grade(-40~ 80℃)working temperature range, suitable for all kind of extreme conditions;

More stronger security: Add a new function of instrument alarm, timely manager the working status by updating data of temperature and humidity, and the instrument's supply voltage.Add a new lightning protection device to effectively protect the sensor access the circuit. Add a new anti-theft device, additional input and output port to real-time master information of anti-theft.

Technical Parameters

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