The solutions for intelligent structural health monitoring

The intelligent structure health monitoring system is a comprehensive application platform that integrating sensor technology,damage identification technology, model modification technology and safety assessment method. Based on the internet of things, supported by the industry of structure safety monitoring, linked to the integration of the internet, we establish the comprehensive service concept of “intelligent structure heath monitoring cloud”.


The integrated intelligent monitoring station developed by Stone Edge is composed of monitoring

sensor, intelligent acquisition unit, communication system, power supply system, lightning protection system can adapt to the bad environment to work for a long time with features of low power consumption, strong stability and ease of installation. The monitoring station can real-time monitor the data of rainfall, the surface displacement, water level, underground water level, soil moisture content, deep displacement, earth pressure, sound, and infrasound, can real-time transmit data to the could platform, it has realized the interconnection and interaction between the patrol inspection system, the group survey system, and the Beidou emergency command system.

Core Software --- Structural Health Monitoring Platform

The intelligent structural health monitoring platform adopts B/S architecture design and supports cloud deployment and local deployment. The platform has foundations for monitoring data real-time accessing, fusion processing, diversified icon display, monitoring and early warning, report statistics, release, etc. The platform can concurrently manage hundreds of projects and provides reliable and timely information service to clients. The platform is especially suitable for the related government departments of the province, city and county, and group clients.

System framework

Platform features

Application Scenario

Typical Cases