Data Logger

QSY7718A Data Logger

It can collect data from inductive loop, wheel and axle recognizer,piezoelectric traffic sensor, quartz dynamic weighing sensor, tem-perature sensor, and process into complete vehicle information and weighing information, including: axle type, axle number, axle distance, tire number per axle, axle weight, total weight, road pressure, over-limit rate, speed, temperature, etc.

Technical Parameters

Maximum weighing axle load: 40t

Weighing speed range: 0.5 ~ 100km/h

Total vehicle weight accuracy level: Class 2, class 5, class 10

Vehicle type recognition accuracy: ≥98%

Division value: d =50kg

Operating temperature: -25℃~+65℃

Vehicle separation accuracy: ≥99% 

Max management lanes: 4 

Max input sensor channel: 32

Displayer: Optional

Keyboard and mouse: Optional

Clock: Date and time 

Dimension: 482*390*89mm

Product weight: 7.5kg 

Overall Dimension

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